Saturday, December 14, 2019

16:00 to 18:00

Feel More is a creative communication workshop in which participants follow a series of sensory-focused mindfulness exercises. Participants work in pairs or alone to create a dialogue between the corporeal and the imagined. By heightening their awareness of their senses and feeling the sensations of their bodies, participants direct their attention to the ways in which their bodies speak to themselves and others. Thus, we explore how physical presence becomes a mouthpiece to create a dialogue with the nonphysical—thoughts, feelings, and imagination. Within a gallery setting, we will explore and make a note of these sensations and interactions, how they arise, how they affect us, and how these can be translated into artistic expression. How does human interaction affect and propagate the creation of art? Do we feel more when reaching to hear what we see, feel what we hear, or see what we feel?

Feel More_edited.jpg

Feel More at Gallery23 in Guangzhou, China