Sunday, December 15, 2019

15:00 to 17:00


Born in South Africa in 1990 and raised in Aotearoa New Zealand, Taipei Popcorn is a drag performer who now lives in Taiwan's glittering queer capital. Popcorn confronts and challenges social norms and behaviors, moving not just beyond gender, but also beyond human-ness. Employing diverse themes including anthropomorphism, transhumanism, abstraction, and the grotesque, Popcorn aims to both entertain and provoke their audience, pushing boundaries and creating space for all kinds of queerness to flourish. Popcorn and their husband are heavily involved in the city’s queer activist community. Popcorn is a regular on the stage at events around the island, from nightclubs and bars to charity events and music festivals. 

They have performed at 道上趴體 ART is in the pARTy at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts for the Asian Art Biennale (2018). They have been a performer in Su Huiyu's art films Glamorous Boys of Tang (Presented at Rotterdam International Film 2018, Festival Frameline San Francisco, Goethe Institut Hong Kong and Casino Luxembourg), Future Shock (Art Wuzhen, China, and C-Lab Taipei, and Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan 2019) and White Water (Performa, New York, USA, 2019). Additionally, Popcorn is a regular performer at drag and queer nightlife events in Taipei (CUM Party, Blush Party, Cafe Dalida, 濕地 Venue). They represented Spectrum Formosus Festival on its 2019 Asia tour (Hanoi, Chengdu, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei); they have been featured in Taiwanese VogueMe (September 2019), Marie Claire (May 2019), Hokk Fabrica (November 2019) and Out Magazine (November 2019); and they performed at the historic 同婚宴 same-sex marriage banquet at Presidential Palace, Taipei (May 2019). 


Photo courtesy of Wang Newton.

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Katherine Chong was born in 1970 in Canada, and their drag king persona – Top Poki – was born in 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. Top Poki is a sweet and fiery Korean Rice King with North Korean blood coursing through their veins.  Top Poki exists to dismantle the gender dichotomy upholding patriarchy. Transgressing across gender boundaries in public spaces makes performance political. The body becomes transformed into masculine form taking up physical space through movement, in contours and shapes that demand the attention of those who bear witness.

Dismantling patriarchy one performance at a time. Top Poki was the runner-up in the lip sync battle at the Taipei is Burning Drag Ball in June 2019. They made their debut performance at Blush as the only Drag King performer in July 2019, and made a return performance in November 2019.  They formed a Drag King Crew of performers and organized the event “Cruisin’ with the Kings” - the first all Drag King Performance in Taiwan on a yacht for a majority AFAB audience in August 2019. Top Poki and the Drag King Crew performed at the first all Drag King Event at Café Dalida in November 2019. Café Dalida has historically showcased only Drag Queen Performers.

Photo courtesy of Top Poki.

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